Why join Swasthya Sewak

Swasthya Sewak is one among India’s first companies to embrace a people-friendly work ethic. We realise that every Sewak - as we call ourselves - comes in to solve challenges; something that cannot be done in a place with an assembly line mentality. And so, over the years, we’ve worked to create a near-perfect workplace that ensures every Sewak is inspired and engaged constantly, be it a Monday or a Friday.



At Swasthya Sewak, we believe in taking care of all facets of your life, be it professional or personal. Our focus is to develop you into a well-rounded professional and we believe in contributing wherever possible to make your journey at Swasthya Sewak a fabulous one.

We are a community of diverse teams and talented individuals. All playing different yet significant roles, all working fervently towards creating better customer experiences, all driven with a thirst for innovation. And in that dynamic, fast-paced community is a cornucopia of opportunities, for you. Pick a team, find your opportunity and get in touch with us.

Current Openings

Swasthya Sewak is a young and vibrant organization redefining India’s way of opting decisions for their healthcare needs. As India’s fastest growing Medical Assistance Company for all hospitalization cases, we offer unmatched growth avenues and an opportunity to learn from the masters of the trade. The company offers an accelerated growth path and immense learning opportunities

Website Designer

"Intuitive design is how we give the user new superpowers.” If you wish to be the superman of those powers, please apply for this post.

Graphic Designer

"Graphic design is the paradise of individuality, eccentricity, heresy, abnormality, hobbies and humors". If you too believe this - be a graphics lead with us.

Content Writer

A writer never has a vacation. If you believe that your life consists of writing and/or thinking of writing; we are anxiously looking for you​​​ to get onboard with us.

AVP Growth

Its not about ideas, its about making ideas happen. ​If you have a strong belief in your growth execution strategies, lets work together.

Medical Counsellor

​Think that you are brainy enough to answer all the medical questions a patient might wish to know over the phone call. Lets meet for a coffee?​

                           Send an email to hr@swasthyasewak.com

Digital Marketing Expert

Aim to build technology that allows people to maintain real rich connections with much larger number of people. Swasthya Sewak is the place for you.

Meet Our Team

Yashu Kapoor- Founder

Healthcare in India is going through its most exciting phase and we believe that Swasthya Sewak can play a transformatory role by helping us to make an informed medical decisions when it comes to our loved one's life. Our stuggles in our daily lives is to ensure that our families are equipped with all the comfort and happiness of the world, but when they are at a risk of life threatening condition. It becomes super critical to make the right call. We help people make an informed choice in those stressful times to provide them with data backed intelligence and best possible medical experts and institutions, equipped to handle that condition.

You can reach out to me at yashu@swasthyasewak.com or call 9540056924