Dedicated Crisis Management team for all your employee's medical emergencies.

24x7 Corporate Medical Concierge for all your employees.

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Over the last 3 years, SwasthyaSewak's team worked 24x7 to help:

3,50,000+ Patients


450+ Hospitals &
10000+ doctors in our network

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Priority health access for all your employees

24x7 Medical Concierge with 12x6 Teleconsult and specialist access for all your employees.

Medical Experts & Doctor handholding at every step

Personalised Care plan and support team for each employee.

Medical Second Opinions from multiple specialists.

Get opinions from multiple super specialists to help you make a informed decision

One Point contact

For all medical needs, you just have to reach out to the concierge, and we will handle all your medical needs.

450+ Hospitals and
10000+ Doctors in our network

Your family deserves the best help in times of medical emergencies. You are just one click away to get complete protection for them.