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We care for you as you do for your family's health


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Specialist Second Opinions

With over 10,000 specialist on speed dial, we will get you a appointment right way.

Personalised Medicine

We care for you just like you do for your family member's health.

Home Healthcare Services

We care for you just like you do for your family member's health.

24x7 Ground and Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance and ground ambulance available pan india.

Priority Hospitalisation Assistance

Helping you choose the right doctor to reserving beds.

Same Day Appointments

Same day or next business day appointments for doctors typically.


We care for you just like you do for your family member's health.

12x6 Specialist teleconsult

Teleconsultation with super specialists available for 12 hours 6 days a week.

COVID Assistance

Remote vital monitoring and all COVID assistance.

Medicine Delivery

Medicine Delivery for all Super -speciality and daily medicines.

Pathological lab tests @ Home

Get all the lab tests picked up from the convenience of your home or office

Savings upto 30,000 INR

Save big on your medical bills with discounts from all our partnered service providers

Your Health Advocates fighting this broken system for you

Navigating healthcare and hospital systems in India is a task that shocks most people when they come across it.

Running around from pillar to post, from billing to TPA, trying to get attention and your questions answered

Patient Testimonials

In Apr 2021, my world was turned upside down when both my parents were diagnosed with COVID and hospitals across Delhi NCR denied an ICU bed for my mother. I tried everything and I tried everyone, but everyone said no except SwasthyaSewak. They helped my mother get admitted in Fortis and provided exceptional support. I will always be thankful to them. May god bless this team.

-Bharat Sachdev (Software consultant,TCS)

"It indeed fills me with pleasure to express my gratitude towards services I received from SwasthyaSewak through their Family Protection Plan. My mother got operated for knee replacement in one of the top hospitals in Jaipur. At first I was completely clueless how to start with the treatment, whom to consult for the treatment and where to get the all the arrangements done. I got in touch with SwasthyaSewak helpline and got my MediCover policy .Everything got really easy and smooth with the support I received from this MediCover plan. I could focus on my mother and her recovery and all the logistics became simplified. Thank you"

- Rajveer Singh Rathore

(Business owner)

"I have undergone Angioplasty for blockages in two arteries. Due to stressful lifestyle and work pressure at an age of 34 years I was diagnosed with heart disease. This untimely disease made me and my family desperately looking for solutions and treatment options. Had we not got ourselves covered through SwasthyaSewak Medicover policy, this treatment journey would have become really difficult. Thanks to SwasthyaSewak team for providing financial and logistical support throughout this journey. We are really grateful!!"

-Akram Siddique
( Business owner)

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